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Article Forge is an Artificial Intelligence-driven content writer who automatically produces original, high-quality, SEO-friendly content in less than sixty seconds. Its sophisticated database knowledge allows it to quickly search any topic with an immense volume of data and studying it for days to come. It creates fresh, new articles based on the users’ topics, and delivers them through a reliable article submitter to any article directory that you choose. This software also features a forum where you can discuss your articles and get answers from other users.

What is so unique about this new content writing program? The answer lies in its ability to churn out high-quality articles in lesser time than a traditional content writer. It can produce fifty articles per hour using its advanced artificial intelligence technology. It can also finish a full project in thirty-six hours with all the right keywords, titles, links and the rest. If you need a well-written, high-quality article, then Article Forge should be your number one choice for search engine optimization (SEO).

As we all know, keyword research is very important for SEO. It provides the foundation for an effective SEO campaign. With the use of the deep learning model, the article submitter learns what keywords to use for each article. It also learns what keywords people type to find information about the product or service you are offering.

The key to making fast work of this undertaking is selecting the right keywords to build your list. Article Forge has developed a special technology called spintax. What does it mean? Spintax is a technique of grouping keywords together. Basically, with each group of keywords, each sub-keyword appears at least once in the title of the article. The sub-keysword acts as a funnel to collect readers’ attention.

Article forging continues to be used by website content writers around the world. However, it is not new. A French company patented the process in 2021. Article forge is not a unique invention. Web publishers have been using the concept of keyword grouping for more than ten years.

Now, with the help of a wordpress blog platform, a content writer can have his or her articles submitted to article directories within minutes. The post scheduler takes care of generating the articles automatically. With this feature, a website content writer does not need to spend hours submitting articles manually. He or she can simply set up a WordPress blog and submit the desired articles using the post scheduler.

Article forge has evolved to a new level. The spintax technology makes the sub-keys even more powerful. The result is better content generated from the optimized words. Sub-keys are extremely helpful in improving the website’s search engine rankings. It will not take ages to find information on any product or service in your niche.

Whether you are a website content writer or marketer, you do not need to wait for your articles to be published. With the use of the pre-made pre-built plug-ins, you can rank higher for your keywords faster and more efficiently. The new version of article forge has tools like forgenuke, which is a clone of Joomla; and advanced search engines, which will help you rank higher for your keywords.

Article forge has taken the idea to another level. The latest version of the plug-in has been designed to ensure that the article output is error free. If you are worried about the quality of your content generated, you can set the custom option to “error proof.” This option ensures that your website content writer will not have to deal with errors and inconsistency.

The other major difference between the old versions and the new is that the website content writer has the authority to include and republish his or her own articles. This is unlike in the past when bloggers were not allowed to do this. Nowadays, you can easily create and submit your own articles with ease. You do not need any special knowledge. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given on the site. In fact, if you already have some experience in writing blogs and articles, you can start posting your work and learn how to rank higher for keywords.

Article forge offers a huge opportunity for the writers and internet marketers. By submitting their works to the site, they will be able to enjoy a residual income from the use of keywords. The writer will also be able to build up a good reputation in the world of SEO articles. They can then easily generate traffic for their websites. With the huge number of readers, they can easily make money through the various ads placed on their works.

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